O-1B Visa Approved for Worldwide Famous Tattoo Artist Matias Noble

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Immigration

Bardazzi Law Pllc is pleased to announce the approval of O-1B visa for worldwide famous Tattoo Artist Matias Noble.

Matias Noble is a multi-award-winner tattoo artist from Spain, specializing in the black and grey realism style. He owns tattoo studios in New York (US), Valencia (Spain), and Zurich (Switzerland).

Matias has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and the Noble Studio recently became a partner and sponsor of the Real Madrid Football Team Foundation.

This amazing artist was honored with several international awards for his tattoos, and he is sponsored by prominent brands in the tattoo industry.

Countless reviews and articles have been published about Matias and his works on tattoo websites and magazines worldwide.

He defintitely is a tattoo artist of extraordinary abilities and therefore deserved his O-1B visa.

O-1B Visa For Tattoo Artists

If you are a tattoo artist and possess extraordinary abilities and skills in your field, you may apply for a O-1B visa e come work in the United States.

Possible evidence of extraordinary ability as a tattoo artist are the following:

  • honors and awards at major tattoo expos and conventions
  • publications of your works on acclaimed websites or magazines
  • guest spots at most important tattoo studios
  • endorsements and proteams with major tattoo supply manufacturers
  • large number of social media followers
  • above-the-average compesation (past, present or future) for your works
  • recommendation letters from other renowned tattoo artists
  • owning your own tattoo studio

Notably, the O-1B visa applicant is not required to possess all of the above requirements, however, substantial evidence must be provided for each criteria the artist claims to possess.

Evidence means anything that could prove that the tattoo artist is in possession of a certain requirement, such as photos, contracts, confirmation letters, tax returns, instagram posts, among others.

For sure, one thing is necessary: the tattoo artist must show a job offer from one or multiple tattoo studios in the United States (as opposed to EB1 Green Card for individuals of extraordinary abilities, wherein the applicant does not need a job offer).

In case of multiple employers, the O-1B petition must be filed by an agent.

Contact Bardazzi Law for a Free Consultation

We have secured dozens of O-1B visa for worldwide popular tattoo artists. If you are a tattooer and dream of working in the United States, contact us for a free consult on your case. You may meet the criteria for this type of visa without even knowning it!

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