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Bardazzi Law is an International & Italian law firm in New York featuring a team of highly experienced business attorneys. With a license to practice law in the United States and other jurisdictions, we guarantee competent representation in the most important areas of the business law.

With its team of International & Italian attorneys based in New York, Bardazzi Law offers high-quality legal representation in corporate matters, commercial agreements, immigration, real estate, intellectual property and employment law.

Corporate Law

Bardazzi Law will help you in the selection of the United States’ business entity that best meets your needs. Whether you wish to form a USA corporation or an LLC, our team of International & Italian lawyers in New York will help you selecting the most suitable entity and the best U.S. state in which to incorporate. We will also invest the time, attention, and resources necessary to provide key legal insights as well as guidance on related concerns, such as the tax implications of your decision.

Our team will assist you in a range of corporate legal matters, from identifying the best equity structure of your company, to drafting customized shareholders’ and LLC’s operating agreements, with the goal of protecting the interests of our clients by providing clear decision-making mechanisms and safe exit strategies that minimize conflicts among partners.

Mergers & Acquisitions. Private Equity.

If your company is in the process of acquiring stakes in or the assets of a U.S. company, join Bardazzi Law for guidance in structuring and successfully finalize your deal.  Our team of International & Italian attorneys based in New York will assist you in drafting and negotiating asset and stock purchase agreements, performing due diligence and walking you through the transaction all the way to closing.

We have extensive experience working with clients who are dealing with many M&A and private equity matters, including investment rounds, equity subscription agreements, convertible loans, preferred stock financings and crowdfunding.

Immigration to USA

Our team of immigration lawyers based in New York offer assistance in obtaining visas for various individuals (independent of companies and for companies), including: B-1 Visas for Light Business; E-1 Treaty Trader and E-2 Treaty Investor Visas; L-1 Visas for intra-company transferees; H1B Visas for Specialty Occupations; J-1 Visas for Internships and Training; O-1 Visas; Green Cards. With our team of international, Italian lawyers in New York, we assure you that our approach to the immigration process will be cost-effective and painless.


International businesses often worry about expanding into new markets for fear that they will expose their intellectual property to the risk of infringement and misuse.  At Bardazzi Law, we work with the goal of safeguarding the intellectual property rights of our clients. By working with our team of attorneys, you can ensure the proper registration and maintenance of your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), overcome the challenge of office actions, insert intellectual property clauses in relevant commercial agreements, license the use of your trademark, and settle related disputes.

Commercial Agreements

When it comes to commercial relationships in the United States, it is important to have a clearly-written contract that sets forth the terms of each party’s commitment and fully protects your interests in the event of a breach.  We provide a full suite of legal services in connection with commercial agreements. Our business attorneys can help you draft and execute customized agreements for lease of commercial spaces, licensing, franchising, e-Commerce, consignment and supply, NDAs and more.

Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys are experienced in all kinds of real estate transactions, though we primarily focus on the sale, purchase and lease of both residential and commercial properties. Having executed hundreds of commercial lease agreements for office, retail and industrial spaces throughout the United States, our experience in the field is unmatched.

Retail & Liquor Licenses

We have substantial expertise in the food & retail industry, and have helped numerous clients purchase an existing restaurant, identify and secure new premises, and quickly obtain all necessary licenses for running their food business (including liquor licenses and food establishment permits). We encourage you to work with a liquor license lawyer at Bardazzi Law to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that any conflicts are sorted out with minimal issue.

Italian Citizenship. Dual Citizenship

Our firm based in New York City can provide the best legal representation and guide you through the technicalities hidden in the process of obtaining the Italian Citizenship. We serve clients from United States, Brazil, Argentina and any other country in the world, who claim their right to acquire Italian Citizenship. Thanks to our domestic and international network we provide a 360 degree service for the lowest flat fees available in the market. For more information see our article: Italian Citizenship by Descent. The Path to Italian Citizenship.

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